Maine Department Of Transportation, Maine Scenic Byways

Maine Department Of Transportation, Maine Scenic Byways Program

The Bold Coast Scenic Byway was officially designated as a Maine Scenic Byway on June 8, 2011.  The Maine Scenic Byways program is a community-based consensus and partnership program administered by the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT).

The Byway program promotes economic development along roadways that offer the traveler an opportunity to experience exceptional scenic, cultural, recreational, archeological, and historical qualities. The ultimate goal of the Program is to preserve, maintain, protect and enhance Maine's unique intrinsic resources.

The Maine Scenic Byways Program Mission Statement reflects the interconnected nature of Maine's roadways, resources and communities:

The Maine Scenic Byways Program will preserve, maintain, protect and enhance the intrinsic resources of scenic corridors through a sustainable balance of conservation and land use.   Through community-based consensus and partnerships, the program will promote economic prosperity and broaden the traveler's overall recreational and educational experience.

Scenic Byway designation promotes economic development by:

  • Introducing visitors to the beauty, solitude, and rejuvenating qualities of the landscape;

  • Providing access to the numerous recreational opportunities;

  • Sparking curiosity about the people, culture, and history of the region; and

  • Enticing patrons to local businesses and community events and celebrations.

The Maine Department of Transportation and the Maine Office of Tourism (MOT) are important partners in promotion and program development. State designation of the Byway places the region on the State’s Scenic Byways map, the MDOT Explore Maine webpage, and on the Maine Office of Tourism (MOT) webpages and brochures.

Designation increases eligibility for MOT, MDOT and Federal Highway Administration grants, which are used to develop improvements such as interpretive materials and signage; public facilities; turnouts and parking areas; upgrades to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure; and funds for successful long-term administration of these improvements.

Read about the public planning process:

Public Planning Process

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Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

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