To all the individuals, businesses, and organizations who contributed their time, energy, knowledge, services, passion, and commitment to completing this Corridor Management Plan, which guides us toward development of a brighter, bolder experience of this place, our home -

Thank you!

The Bold Coast Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan generated public input from all corners of the region (See Appendix 1 for a list of contributing voices).  The Bold Coast people are strong in voice and diverse in perspective, and their words are wise.  Individuals expressed opinions, voiced concerns, provided support, offered countless ideas, and, together, created a community vision for the Bold Coast region.  The Corridor Management Plan seeks to incorporate this broad range of experiences of the region into a forward-moving economic tool by laying a foundation for authentic, interactive, and memorable experiences for all. April, 2015 Prepared by: Washington County Council of Governments With Funds from: Maine Department of Transportation Maine Department of Community and Economic Development Federal Highway Administration  

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
  •       Planning to Implement – Implementing the Plan
  •         Guiding Principles for Byway Designation
  •         Maine Scenic Byways Program
  •         Public Participation
A Vision for the Corridor Intrinsic Qualities
  •         Primary Intrinsic Qualities
  •         Bold Coast Scenic Byway Sub-Regions
  •         Cultural Qualities
  •         Historic Qualities
  •         Scenic Qualities
  •         Natural Qualities
  •         Recreational Qualities
  •         Archeological Qualities
Experience The Byway—and Beyond
  •         Way-finding
  •         Coastal Villages Area – Milbridge to Machias
  •         Bold Coast Area – East Machias to Lubec
  •         Cobscook Bay Area – Whiting to Eastport
  •         Beyond the Byway
Goals, Objectives and Strategies Assessment of Local and Regional Transportation Systems
  •         Roadway Users and Surface Conditions
  •         Traffic Volume and Flow
  •         Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
  •         Safety and Mobility Issues
  •         Scheduled Roadway Improvements
  •         Way-finding – Road Signs and Maps
  •         Public Transportation
  •         Airports
  •         Railroad Facilities and Rail Services
  •         Ports
  •         Downeast Coastal Scenic Inventory
  •         Scenic Turnouts and Interpretive Sites
  •         Recommendations for Improvements to Roadway Safety
Land Use and Development Patterns
  •          Existing Land Use
  •          Historic Development Patterns
  •          Future Land Use
  •          Municipal Comprehensive Planning – Land Use Districts
Planning, Management, and Protection Techniques
  •          Compatibility Between Byway Goals and Local Efforts
  •          Land Preservation
  •          Regional Coordination
Promotional Plans and Initiatives
  •          Tourism and Economic Development Studies
  •          Regional Promotions Initiatives
  •          Self-Guided Touring Trails
  •          Recreational Trails
Existing Tourism Trends and Opportunities
  •          Visitor Types and Potential Target Markets
  •          Maine Visitor Demographics
  •          Trends to Watch
  •          Bold Coast Target Markets
  •          Touring, Scenic Driving and Byway Travelers in Maine
  •          2013 Bold Coast Scenic Byway Visitor Survey
  •          2014 Bold Coast Scenic Byway Business Owner Survey
  •          What are the Barriers to Visitors and How Can We Lower Them?
Marketing Plan
  •          Existing Marketing and Promotion Initiatives
  •          Creating a Distinct Regional Brand
  •          Marketing Strategies for the Bold Coast Region
Organizational Partnerships to Sustain the Byway
  •          Existing Planning and Implementation Oversight
  •          The Role of the Administering Agency – The Bold Coast Partnership
  •          The Role of Local Communities
  •          The Role of Public Agencies / Institutions
  •          The Role of Community Organizations
  •          The Role of Private Organizations
  •          The Role of Private Businesses
The Six-Year Action Plan Future Funding and Administration
  •            The Bold Coast Partnership
  •            Capital Improvements Planning
  •            Priority Capital Improvements Plan
Appendices Appendix 1—Public Participation Appendix 2—Visitor Survey Results Appendix 3—Business Survey Results Appendix 4—Maps Appendix 5—Resources Contributing to Intrinsic Qualities of the Byway Appendix 6—Local Way-Finding Information

Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

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