Public Planning Process

The Bold Coast Scenic Byway is a community asset whose greatest potential is realized only through impassioned community participation and strong community partnerships. Recognizing this, a Corridor Advisory Group (CAG) was formed to guide the development of this Corridor Management Plan. The CAG is comprised of over 50 local residents, business owners, community and municipal leaders, community conservation and development organizations, and representatives of specific cultural, social, and economic interest groups.

The Corridor Advisory Group provided first-hand insight and local expertise from across the entire Bold Coast region. The group is engaged in assessing key natural and cultural assets of the byway corridor, identifying market opportunities, developing strategies to meet opportunities through conservation and creative use of corridor assets, and prioritizing specific projects to implement key strategies.  The group voiced concerns, presented ideas, contributed resources, and prioritized actions in order to create a management plan that is representative of the values, strengths, and personalities of the diverse communities through which the byway passes.

A larger group of over 200 regional stakeholders also provided support and guidance throughout the planning process.

A total of XX meetings were held throughout the byway region. Meetings were scheduled in various locations and at various times in order to allow a diverse and widespread population the opportunity to attend. Corridor Advisory Group members and regional stakeholders were kept informed through email updates and requests for feedback, a Word Press planning website, and a Facebook page.

Following the completion and adoption of this plan, a Bold Coast Region Tourism Network, composed of CAG members and other stakeholders, will coordinate implementation efforts for the long term.

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The long-range success of the Bold Coast Scenic Byway depends on developing achievable goals, sound strategies, realistic priorities, and efficient action plans.  It takes all of us working together to make this a successful project!

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Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

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