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Together with the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, we are working to develop, promote, and maintain the Bold Coast Scenic Bikeway — a world-class, permanent bicycle route that serves both visitors and residents, contributes to the local economy, and connects the people and places of the Bold Coast region. The Scenic Bikeway works in conjunction with the Bold Coast Scenic Byway to help people access the unparalleled natural beauty of this region through a mode of transportation that allows a more intimate, exhilarating experience of the Bold Coast. The Bold Coast Scenic Bikeway winds for 300 miles through over 2-dozen communities from the Schoodic Peninsula to Eastport, and connects via the East Coast Greenway and US Bicycle Route 1 to Calais and the Canadian Maritimes. Click here to learn about our Goals for Bikeway Development The Bold Coast Scenic Bikeway connects bicyclists riding in the most eastern part of the United States with the people and places of the Passamaquoddy Nation and the Canadian Maritimes. The Scenic Bikeway’s unspoiled vistas, intact natural resource based economy, and strong traditions create an authentic, hands-on experience of place. Riders experience welcoming and friendly communities and unparalleled scenic beauty while leisurely exploring rural roads. The Scenic Bikeway includes the Schoodic Division of Acadia National Park and winds though thriving villages that provide the services and infrastructure required for a comfortable, safe, achievable adventure, and yet is remote enough for a peaceful escape. The Bold Coast Scenic Bikeway is a cultural education, a coastal adventure, and an economic driver for the region. Communities along the Scenic Bikeway support the route and its riders, who use the trail for leisure, commuting, and recreation. Riders contribute to the local economy through spending on lodging, dining, entertainment, and recreation. Positive engagement between visitors and residents along the Bikeway enriches the experience for all, inspiring connection and stewardship, creating memories, and instilling a desire for riders to return. IMG_3850

The Scenic Bikeway route is based on the successful implementation of BikeMaine 2016, Discover the Bold Coast — an event of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. BikeMaine 2016 successfully engaged numerous communities from Winter Harbor to Eastport to bring BikeMaine 2016 to the Bold Coast Region. Over 400 riders and their support crews bicycled 300 miles in 7 days.  This event perfectly aligned with a years-long regional effort to shine light on the unique and little-known natural and cultural assets that characterize this region. Because the Bold Coast region is a unique and beautiful place, expert bicyclists recognized its potential to attract more visitors…and the Bold Coast Scenic Bikeway was born!

The core purpose of the Scenic Bikeway is to create sustainable opportunities for communities to preserve, develop, and promote their most valuable natural and cultural assets — and make them more accessible to visitors and residents alike.


Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

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