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The Bold Coast Scenic Byway is a coastal driving route providing access to numerous things to see and do along the route. The Bold Coast Scenic Byway is a journey through the stories of the people, culture, history, and environment of an entire region. The Bold Coast region offers the traveler a chance to connect with people whose lives and livelihoods are intimately connected to the physical environment, and explore one of the few authentic intact nature based cultures remaining on the eastern seaboard. To celebrate the Downeast way of life, the people of the region must preserve and promote their stories as they live them, and as their predecessors lived them. The people of the region have an opportunity to promote their unique culture as a desirable way of life for them and an authentic place to visit. To recognize and use their authenticity is to shape development by choice and by regional values rather than random circumstances. Locally, Byway planning and implementation provides a forum for community collaboration around shared resources and values, thereby uniting efforts to create a healthy economy and culture in Bold Coast communities. Participation sparks a sense of pride and personal ownership for community projects. Working not only as individual communities but also as a greater region makes us stronger. Each Bold Coast town or organization may not be able to offer everything a visitor wants, or may not have the resources to create tourism infrastructure. But, by working collaboratively across the region, the pool of resources is greater, competition is lessened, and the chances of success are almost certain. As we work together to offer a seamless, efficient and comprehensive experience to our visitors, our “critical mass” of things to do and our chances of attracting a greater number and range of visitors will increase. It is crucial that we recognize and celebrate the long list of shared intrinsic values and mutual goals across our network of communities throughout Downeast Maine and into Maritime Canada. Working as a region driven by our inherent creativity and perseverance, we must embrace our stories, engage our communities, invest in our values, collaborate with and support our neighbors, and open ourselves to new possibilities for achieving our shared vision.

We CAN Get There From Here!

The Bold Coast Scenic Byway gives travelers personal access to a way of life historically bound to the wild and scenic coastal environment, and celebrates a proud heritage of harvesting the natural bounty of land and sea. Travelers are invited to experience the gentle pull of this magical place, to create memories with their local hosts and newfound friends, and connect with the simple joys and strengthening challenges of the Bold Coast. Opportunities for visitors to dwell in the midst of local life provide social, cultural, and personal benefit to residents and travelers alike. Active involvement in Byway promotion helps communities and individuals recognize and embrace their heritage, share their stories, and shape their futures. Local residents recognize that tourism which celebrates and supports their valued way of life will help the entire region to grow and thrive, and become an exemplary place to visit and to live. Networking, partnering, and proactive community involvement exists across the region, Canada, and the Tribal communities, stimulating and strengthening the capacity for regional health and prosperity.  By coordinating their visions, services, and marketing tactics, businesses, organizations, municipalities, and communities can offer authentic hands-on experiences that provide opportunities for visitors and residents alike. The following Values, Mission, and Goals developed by the Corridor Advisory Group helped focus the overall planning process in a manner that honors the place, the people, the past, and the present. Values
  • Celebration and preservation of our heritage, culture, and intact natural environment.
  • Regional collaboration, coordination, networking, and partnership.
  • Economic growth and increased opportunities that enhance our quality of life.
  • Personal investment by individuals, organizations, and communities.
  • Emotional engagement with our communities by our visitors.
  • Rejuvenation of our historic village and town centers.
  • Development of infrastructure and information systems to improve visitor experiences.
  • Successful, sustainable implementation of the Corridor Management Plan.
Mission The Bold Coast Scenic Byway provides access to the unique Downeast experience; serves as a destination for diverse, multi-modal travelers; promotes economic development; and celebrates the True Downeast Maine way of life. Goals
  • Resource Stewardship—Protect Byway Resources
  • Visitor Experience—Create and Enhance Visitor Opportunities
  • Regional Promotion—Promote the Byway and Its Communities
  • Sustainability—Develop a Sustainable Byway Organization
  • Multi-modal Transportation—Increase Transportation Safety and Improve Multi-modal Opportunities.

A Vision for our Future

With this shared knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment, and cooperation in place, the vision for our future can be realized. Activities that encourage visitors to explore the region more deeply will extend economic benefits along the entire Byway corridor. When a high quality of experience, opportunity, and infrastructure is provided throughout the region, length of overnight visitation will increase, allowing for greater regional exploration and thereby boosting economic benefits within more communities. Shoulder seasons will lengthen as visitor opportunities increase. Existing business will flourish while new businesses will be encouraged. More communities will benefit from tourism revenues, reinvest money in their businesses, events, and infrastructure.  Our downtowns will be healthy and walkable, and will contain museums, galleries, gift shops, unique local eateries and lodging, guided and self-guided tours, historic districts, interpretive sites, recreational opportunities, and scenic vistas.  A well-established network of self-guided trails, interpretive centers, historical societies, museums, arts and culture centers, and libraries will provide a wealth of information and a complete experience of the history, culture, and people of the region.  Communities will regularly host festivals throughout the year that draw thousands of people from around the world to celebrate the people, food, music, dance, history, cultural traditions, and arts of the Bold Coast Region. Throughout the region, visitors can participate in year round recreation opportunities from world-class organized events to solo recreation opportunities.  Hiking, biking, paddling, and ATV trails wind through mossy forests and along coastal cliffs. Many public access points exist for wilderness camping; prime hunting, fishing, and foraging grounds; and wildlife viewing areas.  Winter recreation helps maintain the tourism economy throughout the year, as Byway region communities provide food, lodging, and personal services for snowmobilers, cross-country skiers, dogsledders, and snowshoe enthusiasts.  Visitors can experience the rejuvenating power of pristine nature any time of the year, whether they prefer to be lulled to sleep by ocean waves or a crackling campfire, or entranced by the rhythm of casting a fly, or of softly falling snow. Increased awareness of the Bold Coast Scenic Byway elevates the profile of the entire region as a unique, complete, international vacation destination, encouraging visitors to stay longer, explore deeper, and return often. Along the Byway, from end to end and at every waypoint in between, visitors are provided with an honest, “authentic” experience of the land and its people. Opportunities exist to meet the people who make their living by harvesting the bounty of the land, to hear their stories, and to explore first hand the places and events that shape them.  These experiences are provided in a personal, unhurried manner, allowing the visitor to unwind and to immerse themselves into the quiet and simple way of life, allowing them to bring a piece of it home with them—and stimulating a desire to return again for more. 

Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

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