The goals and objectives of the Bold Coast Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan support the community’s vision for the byway and provide a framework to successfully accomplish the byway mission. Five key components establish the outline for development and implementation of this scenic byway corridor management plan: resource stewardship, the visitor experience, regional promotion, organizational sustainability, and multi-modal transportation safety and development. Specific strategies to achieve each goal and objective are outlined in Chapter 13, Six-Year Action Plan.

Resource Stewardship

Goal 1—Protect Byway Resources

  • Preserve and protect the scenic, natural, historic, cultural, and recreational resources of the Downeast region.

The Visitor Experience

Goal 2—Create New and Improve Existing Visitor Opportunities

  • Invest in appropriate public facilities that ensure successful visitor experience.
  • Improve and develop new visitor information and education regarding the way of life in Byway communities.
  • Grow opportunities for the Byway visitor to access authentic experiences the region offers.
  • Enhance hospitality services in the Byway communities.
  • Support expanded recreation opportunities in the corridor.
  • Support enhancement of non-recreation visitor activities in Byway communities.

Regional Promotion

Goal 3—Promote the Byway and Its Communities

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive promotional plan for the Byway as a travel destination.
  • Assist existing businesses, municipal governments, and promotional agencies in promoting the Byway/region.
  • Strengthen existing and create new promotional materials.
  • Establish clear objectives and benchmarks by which to evaluate the positive effect of promotional efforts on visitation and local economies.


Goal 4—Develop a Sustainable Byway Organization

  • Build lasting partnerships with community, local government, and agency stakeholders.
  • Establish and maintain a Byway management organization with stable participation and funding.

Multi-modal Transportation

Goal 5—Increase Transportation Safety and Multi-modal Opportunities

  • Provide a safe, efficient, and attractive transportation corridor that balances the needs of visitors, residents, and businesses.
  • Create a byway visitor way-finding and interpretive signage system compatible with the MaineDOT state highway signage.

Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

Inventorying Our Scenic Resources

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